Microfibers – revolutionizing the house cleaning industry.

In my opinion the most important and vastly underrated innovation in house cleaning technology (yes that is a thing) is the invention and fast increasing use of microfibers for general house cleaning.

We use microfibers for most general cleaning for several important reasons:

  1. Microfibers House CleaningSafe.  Microfiber cloths are soft, and will not scratch surfaces or damage the finish on stainless steel.  We use them on glass, stone, wood, stainless steel and tile, and we have never had one issue of microfibers leaving a bad mark on any surface.
  2. Absorbent.  Microfiber cloths can hold up to 8 times more water than normal bar cloths, which means they are quite a bit more efficient and don’t push around water or cleaner as much as traditional rags do.
  3.  Efficient.  According to tests performed by UC Davis Medical Center (link), UCDMC found in testing that microfiber materials were able to penetrate surface pores and remove dust particles more efficiently.  They found through bacteria cultures that surfaces cleaned with microfibers had a 99% reduction in bacteria, compared with 30% with the traditional method.
  4. Powerful.  Microfibers are  designed to pick up more dust partials and allergens than traditional cloth.  Each fiber is a fraction of the width of a human hair, and are split during manufacturing to produce a “spoke” effect (see picture), which trap microscopic debris.  In addition, microfibers are positively charged while dirt and dust are negatively charged.  This means the microfibers create an almost magnetic effect, drawing dust into the open spaces created by the splitting.

advantage microfiber cleaningAll these reason create a very powerful advantage using microfibers even for general cleaning, and it’s why we use them heavily for each cleaning.  There are still uses for rags, but they are mainly for very dirty or difficult to clean areas.  A trained cleaning team should know the pros and cons of each, and when and why to use them.  All of our cleaners go through extensive training in the use and application of microfibers.

Next time we are out at your house for a cleaning, let us know and we can leave a few brand new ones for you to use in between cleanings!