Cleaning Products

cleaning productsWe bring all our own supplies to do the entire cleaning. We would be happy to use any cleaning product you provide, just let us know in advance so we can add it to your notes. We stock and supply the following products:

  • For surfaces: Disinfectant all-purpose cleaner with sponge or microfiber.
  • For granite, marble and natural stone: a mild soap and water solution.  Polished with dry microfiber.
  • For hardwood floors: Your choice of either a hardwood floor cleaner (Bona or similar) or a Vinegar/Water solution.  Vacuumed and mopped with hardwood-specific equipment.
  • For stainless steel: Stainless steel cleaner with microfiber cloth
  • For bathrooms: Comet for toilets, soap scum and buildup. If necessary Tilex for mildew. Disinfectant cleaner for surfaces.
  • Wood furniture polish: Provided by client
  • In child play areas: Choice of vinegar/water solution or client provided products