What should you use on your marble and granite?

cleaning marble and graniteWe use a simple antibacterial soap and water mixture on all polished marble and granite.  We have experimented with a lot of different products over the years, and this seems to be the most effective combination that won’t leave the surfaces streaky or oily, and there’s no chance of damaging the finish.

After thoroughly washing the surface down with a non-scratch sponge or bar cloth, we dry it and then buff it out with a dry microfiber – leaving it gleaming!  Over a long period of time there can sometimes accumulate some soap buildup, which can be easily remedied with a rubbing alcohol & water mixture followed by buffing it with a dry microfiber again.  Simple to maintain and turns out fantastic.

What about stone floors?

We go by the belief that if you’re unsure about what you use, you can’t go wrong with soap and water.  Chemicals are great for some things (mold or mildew buildup for example) but the less toxic chemicals being absorbed through your feet on the floors or your hands on the counters, the better.  That’s why our teams only carry these specific products:

  • Soap/water solution
  • All purpose disinfectant (alcohol base)
  •  Vinegar/water solution
  • Non-scratch lemon Comet (for toilets and tubs) and Tilex for mildew (if absolutely necessary)
  • Hardwood floor cleaner

And that’s about it!  We have a few specialty cleaning agents for items like hard water or calcium buildup on glass shower doors and fixtures, but in our view cleaning is more about technique and elbow grease than spraying a ton of toxic chemicals all around your house.